Which is the Top 5 Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone 2024?

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Friends, we welcome you in our new article, today in this article you are going to know how you can do Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone. Many of you are worried that which is the best video editing app in iPhone, in which video editing app we can edit well and edit easily, so looking at this problem, we did a little research. After we have selected some applications, which will help you in video editing, so let’s start with the names of those applications.

Which is the Top 5 Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone 2023?

1. InShot


InShot is the greatest free iPhone video editing software. It contains all the tools you require to produce a top-notch video for Instagram or any other site. One of the nicest advantages is the opportunity to upload your own music to accompany your movie.

The program allows you to utilize your own music as well as a selection of sound effects and voiceovers. It’s simple to time the audio and visual effects. Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone. 

A subscription makes paid transitions, effects, stickers, and more accessible. Users will be able to use the app uninterrupted by adverts after making a purchase, and you’ll also be able to export videos without watermarks. You can get access to more by removing the watermark and advertisements.


  • Voiceovers and a ton of fun sound effects should be included.
  • Text can be placed on top of pictures and videos.
  • The primary video can have additional video and image layers.
  • Green screen and chroma key are effective tools for creators.
  • Combine two videos using seamless edits.

Available on Apps Store

2. KineMaster


KineMaster is a mobile application that replicates a desktop video editor. The history of the video can be seen at the bottom, the preview can be seen at the top, and the editing controls can be seen on the right because the screen is in landscape mode.

The top free iPhone video editing software is Kinemaster. Filters and brightness/contrast settings, as well as video effects like splicing, editing, reversing, panning, zooming, and mirroring, are available. A powerful video editor that supports the inclusion of numerous video and audio tracks should be made available. Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone.

In addition to the basic features that are offered for free, purchasing the app gives you access to a huge library of resources and removes the watermark from your finished work.


  • Simply download a template, edit it into a stunning video, and you have a finished product.
  • Create the video with as many iterations as you’d like.
  • Use one of the various audio and visual effects that are offered to give your work a polished appearance.
  • Create original text, edit it, and then add animations and effects to make it look beautiful.
  • Make your videos public by posting them online.

Available on Apps Store

3. Capcut


Capcut is the greatest free video editing app for iPhone. CapCut for iPhone’s editing capabilities, which include split, speed, and color modifications, are standard fare for a timeline-based video editor.

One of the intriguing things that distinguishes this video editor from the competition is the option to rapidly delete any background, leaving only your main object in a sea of black.

There are also numerous music tracks, title texts, stickers, toppers, and other elements. The most interesting feature of CapCut is the ShortCut feature. Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone

You may select the clips you wish to utilize with just one click, and ShortCut will combine them into a movie that is tailored for TikTok, complete with transitions and effects.

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  • Video editing software that allows you to clip, extend, break, and merge videos.
  • Video and audio can be sped up or down by 0.1x to 100x, respectively, and speed can be added to clips.
  • Your video animations should include beautiful zoom-in and zoom-out motions.
  • Use the freeze feature to draw attention to key moments in the video.
  • Learn how to enter and exit videos in a number of original ways.

Available on Apps Store

4. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik

You can use GoPro Quik for iOS without a GoPro camera. The software, which is the greatest free video editing tool for the iPhone and can be downloaded by anyone for free, excels at turning the video clips you select into a highlight reel.

Choose your films, give them titles, and add some music; Quik will detect the most compelling segments to highlight. Other editing programs are available, but Quik’s stands out for being simple to use and having the ability to create interesting videos.


  • Sent to your inbox immediately, premium highlight videos.
  • Rich editing features, limitless storage, and the greatest possible resolution for everything in one location.
  • Use a frame from a moving video to create incredibly detailed still photos.

Available on Apps Store



Meet VLLO, the iPhone’s best buddy for video editing – it’s like having a personal video wizard in your pocket, minus the pointy hat and magic wand. Why? Well, *VLLO* doesn’t clutter your videos with obnoxious watermarks, and it’s as easy to handle as a slice of pie.

With VLLO, you’ll be editing videos smoother than butter on a hot pancake. Its bag of tricks includes video splitting, text addition, background music (BGM), and transitions, all designed to be so user-friendly that even a tech-savvy squirrel could master them. Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone. 

But wait, there’s more! If you’re an editing maestro, VLLO has some tricks up its sleeve for you too. Think Chroma-key, picture-in-picture (PIP), mosaic, and keyframe visual effects – these paid features will make your videos pop like a can of soda on a hot summer day. Grab VLLO now, and you’ll be whipping up professional-looking videos in a jiffy! 


  • Using the VLLO editor, you may make a high-quality video on your phone.
  • Square 1:1 or even other comparable ratios are advised by Tiktok and YouTube for the beginning of a video.
  • To produce a beautiful, finished product, use the filters and editing tools at your disposal.
  • Create a video in 4K super HD.
  • All music and sound effects may be used without paying any royalties.

Available on Apps Store


So, friends, today you have learned in this post. Those five Best Free Video Editing App For iPhone which will make it easy for you to edit videos on iPhone and if you want to become a YouTuber then these best video editing applications of iPhone are going to help you a lot. I have provided you all the information about them. If you like our information, then you can share the post with your friends.


Q1. What are the free iPhone video editing apps? 

You can quickly edit films on your iPhone with the following apps:
1. InShot
2. KineMaster
3. Capcut
4. GoPro Quik

Q2. Is Capcut free on iPhone?

Yes, CapCut is indeed free to use on iPhone. You can download it from the App Store without any cost and start editing your videos right away. Enjoy your video editing adventures!

Q3. Can I edit the video on my iPhone??

Absolutely, you can edit videos on your iPhone! There are various video editing apps available on the App Store, including popular options like CapCut, which allow you to edit videos right on your iPhone. Whether you want to trim clips, add special effects, or create a masterpiece, your iPhone can be a handy tool for video editing. Happy editing!

Q4. Is InShot free for iPhone??

Yes, InShot is available for free on iPhone. You can download it from the App Store without any cost and use its basic features for video editing. However, there may be some in-app purchases or premium features available for a fee if you want to unlock additional options. Enjoy editing your videos with InShot!

Q5. How do YouTubers use iPhones to edit their videos?

The Kinemaster & Inshot app, which is free and simple to use, is used by many YouTubers to edit their videos on iPhones.

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