How to play Game Boy games on your iPhone?

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Hello friends, we welcome you to our new article. Friends, do you miss recalling your childhood: Do you miss the thrill of catching your first Pokemon in Super Mario Land or navigating through the maze in the Mystery? Good news! Now you can play your favorite Game Boy games on your iPhone, without the need for any bulky console. With the new iOS emulator, this dream has now become a reality.
Friends, this guide will inform you about everything necessary to play Game Boy games legally and properly on your iPhone. We will help you choose the right emulator and assist you in finding those old ROMs (game files) while keeping things safe. Get ready to dive back into those pixelated adventures!
How to play Game Boy games on your iPhone
Gamers rejoice! The world of mobile gaming is undergoing a wave of change. After facing criticism from regulators, Apple has loosened its grip on the App Store, ushering in a new wave of retro game emulators in virtual shelves. This means that now you can legally emulate classic games like Game Boy directly on your iPhone, straight from your favorite childhood console. But before you get lost in those pixelated adventures again, let’s address the elephant in the room: legality.

Ever feel nostalgic for those afternoons spent glued to your favorite console? Well, dust off your thumbs! You can now relive those classic gaming memories directly on your iPhone. That’s right, thanks to the arrival of emulators on the App Store, a whole world of retro titles are at your fingertips. Emulators are basically software applications that mimic the functionality of older gaming systems, allowing you to play games designed for those platforms on your modern device. play Game Boy games on your iPhone.

This means you can revisit iconic franchises like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda on your iPhone’s familiar touchscreen. Intrigued? We’ll guide you through the simple process of setting up an emulator and diving back into your favorite classic games.

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Are iOS emulators legal?

Friends, The legalities of playing classic games with emulators can be a bit of a maze. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate:

Are iOS emulators legal

Emulators themselves are generally legal. They’re simply software that lets your phone act like an old game console. Think of it like an adapter that lets you play a VHS tape on a modern DVD player.


Downloading copyrighted game files (ROMs) is a different story. It’s similar to downloading a movie you haven’t paid for. The legality can get murky, especially for older games.


Here’s where things get tricky:


In the US, copyright law allows backing up games you own, but there’s debate on if that applies to playing them on a different device like your phone.


Certain copyright protections (DRM) can make copying games illegal altogether.

There haven’t been many court cases about gamers using emulators, so it’s a bit of a wild west. Companies usually target the creators of emulators and ROM sites, not individual players.

Emu64 XL on the iOS App Store
Emu64 XL on the iOS App Store

The bottom line? Tread carefully when finding ROMs. Ideally, stick to games you already own as physical cartridges. Some very old, abandoned games might be free to download legally (called abandonware), but be sure to check the copyright status before grabbing anything.


Remember, copying copyrighted games, even if you own them, is technically breaking the law. However, it’s not something most gamers get in trouble for, especially with obscure retro titles.

Which is the Best iOS Emulators for Game Boy Games

Friends, Looking to play Game Boy games on your iPhone without jailbreaking? Check out these two cool methods:
Delta Emulator (App Store): This handy emulator is a hit on iOS. The best part? You can grab it straight from the App Store, so no need for sketchy sites or complicated setups. Delta doesn’t just do Game Boy – it covers Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance too. And it’s packed with features like save states, cheat codes, and controller support for a true retro vibe.
Web-Based Emulators: Not keen on apps? No worries! You can fire up Game Boy games right in your iPhone’s browser. They’re pretty user-friendly, perfect for newbies. But watch out for pesky ads and slightly fiddly controls.

That’s it – easy ways to enjoy your favorite classics on your iPhone, no hacking required!

Where to Find Your Games (Legally)

Discovering Your Own Game Gems: If you have the original game cartridge, you can make your own ROM file legally for personal enjoyment. This usually means using a special device and following specific instructions for your gaming system.

Online Retro Game Shops: Some online stores specialize in selling old-school games that are no longer copyrighted or licensed. Before buying, be sure to check the store’s reputation and whether the games are legal in your area. It’s like digging for hidden treasures online!

How to set up iOS emulators for Game Boy, GBA and other Nintendo systems

Friends, for the purposes of this guide, we are going to use the Delta emulator for your iOS. Go to the App Store on your iPhone to find and download it – it’s free to use and install, and don’t worry as there are no in-app purchases.
How to set up iOS emulators for Game Boy
Loading ROM files
To start playing your favorite retro games on your iPhone using the Delta emulator, you first need to get the app from the App Store. It’s free and easy to install.
When you open Delta, you’ll see a blank screen, but don’t worry, that’s normal. Now, let’s load in some games! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to find them due to legal reasons, but I’ll explain how to add them.
How to play Game Boy games on your iPhone?
Tap the + (plus) button in the top right corner of the screen. This will allow you to select the game files you want to play. Make sure these files are saved somewhere on your iPhone, like iCloud Drive. Once you’ve chosen your game, simply tap on it to start playing.
You’ll be taken to the interface of the game console you selected, such as SNES or Game Boy Color. Controls will be shown on the screen by default, but if you prefer, you can connect a physical controller via Bluetooth.

And that’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your favorite retro games on your iPhone with Delta.

Gameplay and settings

Friends, Getting used to the controls in Delta is easy, especially if you’ve played these games before. You can play in either landscape or portrait mode, whichever feels more comfortable for you.
How to play Game Boy games on your iPhone with new iOS emulators
Friends, To access the mid-game pause menu, simply press the Menu button on your controller. From here, you can save or load game progress, input cheat codes, or keep specific buttons held down.
Friends, An exciting feature of Delta is its support for AirPlay. By opening the iOS Control Center and tapping the AirPlay icon, you can stream gameplay to a compatible screen, like an AirPlay-enabled TV or an Apple TV.
Friends, To customize Delta, tap the gear icon in the top left corner of the game loading screen. Here, you can access various options, such as setting up default controllers for multiple players and adjusting the opacity of on-screen controls.
How to play Game Boy games on your iPhone with new iOS emulators

Friends, You can also change controller skins and even create your own. Plus, from the Settings page, you can toggle haptic feedback for buttons and control sticks, and choose whether Delta respects silent mode on your iPhone.

How to Playing Game Boy Games on Your iPhone

gameplay on a larger screen using AirPlay with compatible TVs, Apple TVs, or Macs.
Customization Options: Tailor your gaming experience with settings to adjust controller layouts, on-screen button opacity, and even haptic feedback.

Important Reminder: While using emulators like Delta is legal, obtaining game ROMs can be legally tricky. Always ensure you have the right to use a game’s ROM before downloading it.

How to master your gameplay experience

Friends, you can become a master of gameplay by customizing your gameplay in your Delta emulator
Friends, by exploring these customization options you can unlock the full potential of your gaming experience with Delta Emulator
Controller Support: Connect Bluetooth controllers to your device for a more authentic gaming feel, just like playing on a console.
Save States: Never lose your progress again with the ability to save your game at any moment. This feature allows you to pick up right where you left off, no matter how hectic life gets.
Video Filters: Add a personal touch to your gameplay by experimenting with various video filters. Find the one that best suits your style and enhances your gaming nostalgia.
Cheat Codes: Dive into the nostalgia of classic gaming by discovering and applying cheat codes. Unlock special features, power-ups, or hidden secrets to spice up your gaming experience.

With Delta Emulator, you’re not just playing games – you’re crafting your own unique gaming journey.


Now let’s talk about the conclusion, friends, emulators have opened a portal to the golden age of gaming, allowing us to revisit the pixelated worlds that shaped our childhood. Whether we’re catching ’em all in Pokemon or battling our way through the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Land, these classic games offer a timeless escape and a reminder of the simple joys of gaming. So, grab your iPhone, fire up your emulator, and embark on a nostalgic adventure – the world of retro gaming awaits! So, friends, if you’re a gaming enthusiast and love playing great games, then this information will prove to be very beneficial for you, so you can share this information with your friends and provide them with information as well, so have a great day, thank you.


Q.1 Is my iPhone powerful enough to run Game Boy games? 
  • Most modern iPhones are more than capable of handling Game Boy emulation.


Q.2 Can I use emulators to play other retro consoles? 
  • Yes! Delta Emulator, for example, supports various consoles like NES, SNES, and even Game Boy Advance.

Q.3 What if I encounter problems with my emulator? 

  • Consult the emulator’s documentation or online forums for troubleshooting tips. The retro gaming community is generally very helpful and can assist you in resolving any issues you might face.


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