Which are the six new features on your iPhone with iOS 17.4?

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Which are the six new features on your iPhone with iOS 17.4?

The Six New Features on your iPhone with iOS 17.4

Forget your New Year’s resolutions, folks! Apple’s already dropped a surprise on us: the first peek at iOS 17.4! While most are buzzing about iPhones finally opening their app store gates to outsiders (remember, no more third-party browser masquerades as Safari!), there’s more to this update than meets the eye. So, grab your iPhones and join me on a whistle-stop tour of the other cool stuff hiding in iOS 17.4 (courtesy of MacRumors and their eagle eyes):

1. Widgets go wild: Remember those handy little squares on your home screen? They’re getting superpowers! Expect even more customization options and the ability to stack them like pancakes (don’t worry, no syrup involved).

2. Say cheese (or not): Camera shy? iOS 17.4 lets you choose “silent mode” during photos and videos. No more click-clacks interrupting your stealthy cat-filming!

3. Siri gets smarter (if that’s even possible): Your favorite virtual assistant is upping its game with improved voice recognition and contextual awareness. Just don’t ask Siri to explain quantum physics just yet; she might need a coffee break first. six new features on your iPhone with iOS

4. Home sweet smart home: HomeKit, the hub for all your smart home gadgets, is getting a polish. More control, better automation—your lights will practically do the Macarena when you walk in the door.

5. Bug squashing bonanza: Like pesky gnats at a picnic, bugs can ruin even the best software. Apple’s on the hunt, swatting those annoyances left, right, and center with this update.

Remember, this is just a sneak peek; there might be more hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, keep your eyes peeled, update your iPhone when it’s ready, and get ready for the next chapter in iOS! And who knows, maybe Apple will even let us change app icons—wouldn’t a dancing banana emoji for Safari be delightful?

1. Game streaming apps

Game streaming apps

Hold on to your controllers, gamers! Apple’s throwing open the castle gates for a new wave of knights in shining armor—game streaming apps! No more battling clunky browser versions of Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce Now. Picture this: dedicated apps, shiny and smooth, ready to launch your gaming adventures with just a tap. Your thumbs will thank you, your internet connection will sing with joy, and those frustrating browser hiccups will become a distant memory. So, dust off your virtual swords and shields, get ready to level up, and remember: with great streaming power comes great responsibility (don’t blame us if you end up neglecting laundry for the hundredth time).

2. A new Apple Pencil

A new Apple Pencil

Apple may have just dropped a surprise hint about the Apple Pencil 3: Say goodbye to frantic couch-cushion dives and dusty-drawer despair! Hidden within the iOS 17.4 files lurks the possibility of a pencil that plays hide-and-seek with the Find My app. Yep, no more misplaced styli turning into miniature Mona Lisas. But, like a magician’s disappearing act, details are still shrouded in secrecy. Will it have super-powered ultra-wideband tracking for pinpoint accuracy, or will it just offer a general map location like a breadcrumb trail for your lost little artist? We’ll have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure, though: this tiny tool deserves a big “find me” button, because, let’s be honest, we’ve all channeled our inner Picasso and misplaced it more times than we’d like to admit. So here’s hoping the Apple Pencil 3 puts an end to the “pencils on the run” routine!

3. Podcast transcripts

Podcast transcripts

Ever get lost in a podcast and want to rewind for that hilarious quip you just missed? Say hello to your new best friend: podcast transcripts in the iOS 17.4 update! No more squinting at blurry show notes or frantically scribbling quotes on napkins. Now, words magically appear on your screen, highlighting as the narrator speaks. It’s like having a live stenographer in your pocket (minus the tiny hat and suspicious mustache). Think of it as subtitles for your favorite true crime drama, but instead of “He screamed into the void,” it’s “I accidentally ate an entire bag of chips during this recording.” You’re welcome. Just remember, with great transcript power comes great responsibility (don’t blame us if you spend hours reading instead of actually listening). six new features on your iPhone with iOS.

4. An improvement to Stolen Device Protection

An improvement to Stolen Device Protection

Remember the paranoia you felt after misplacing your phone? Remember frantically setting passwords and praying it wasn’t cruising towards Timbuktu with your selfies? Well, iOS 17.4 has a new trick up its sleeve to soothe your inner data dragon! Stolen Device Protection is getting smarter, letting you choose between Fort Knox-level security anytime, anywhere, or a “chill mode” for familiar zones like your home or office. So, you can leave your phone charging at Starbucks without stressing about a latte-loving villain hijacking your life. Just imagine—no more sprinting across town in your pajamas to chase down Siri’s location ping on a stranger’s yacht (we’ve all been there, right?). This update’s basically a digital bodyguard for your precious iPhone, saying “no way, Jose!” to sneaky thieves and curious colleagues. Sleep tight, tech warriors; your digital kingdom is safe! six new features on your iPhone with iOS.

5. Additional emoji

Additional emoji

Hold onto your emoji hats, folks, because iOS 17.4 is bringing a fresh batch of expressive icons to spice up your chats! Say goodbye to generic smileys and hello to nodding heads like enthusiastic bobbleheads, heads shaking a firm “no” (perfect for those awkward situations), and even a flaming phoenix reborn from the ashes (metaphor alert!). Feeling peckish? Express your snack cravings with a juicy lime wedge. Got the post-mushroom-hunting blues? Don’t worry; there’s an emoji for that now too. And finally, a broken chain symbol lets you express your newfound freedom (or maybe just a broken necklace incident, no judgment). So put your emoji dictionaries away, folks; it’s time to let your fingers dance with these creative new options! Just remember, with great emoji power comes great responsibility (don’t blame us if your conversations become a whirlwind of dancing heads and fiery birds). six new features on your iPhone with iOS.

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6. Siri goes multilingual

Siri goes multilingual

Forget juggling Siri dictionaries! iOS 17.4 lets you pick and choose your language superpowers. Keep Siri chatting in your usual English (or whatever floats your boat), but have her read texts aloud in Spanish like a telenovela star. This might sound like a secret handshake for multilingual folks, but hey, imagine Grandma hearing her grandkids’ messages in her native Italian without changing Siri’s whole vibe. No more fumbling with settings or muttering apologies in broken French—Siri’s got your back (and your preferred tongue) covered. Just remember, with great multilingual Siri comes great responsibility (don’t blame us if you end up having entire conversations in emojis)! six new features on your iPhone with iOS.

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Q1: Can I finally ditch the browser versions of Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now?

Absolutely! Dedicated apps are on their way, promising smoother gaming and less frustration.

Q2: Will it feel like playing on a console?

It depends on your internet, but expect a significant improvement compared to browser versions.

Q3: Is Apple really making a Find My-enabled Apple Pencil 3?

We don’t know for sure, but clues in iOS 17.4 suggest it’s a possibility.

Q4: Will it have laser beams to track down my pencil across galaxies?

Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Details are still under wraps.

Q5: Can I finally read along with my favorite podcasts?

Yep! iOS 17.4 brings automatically generated transcripts, just like subtitles for your ears.

Q6: No more squinting at blurry show notes?

Exactly! Read quotes, rewind for missed jokes, and enjoy a whole new dimension of podcasting.

Q7: Can I choose when my phone turns into Fort Knox?

Yes! New Stolen Device Protection lets you set extra security for sensitive actions only when away from familiar places like home or work.

Q8: No more panicking every time I leave my phone at Starbucks?

Chill out, data warrior! This update has your back (and your precious selfies).

Q9: Are there any new emoji to spice up my chats?

Six fresh faces are joining the party! Nodding heads, a sassy “no way” head, a fiery phoenix, a refreshing lime wedge, a sad little mushroom, and a broken chain for your liberation celebration.

Q10: Can I finally emoji my existential crisis with a mushroom?

You betcha! Express your deepest emotions (or just your snack cravings) with these creative new icons.

Q11: Can I make Siri read my Spanish texts without changing her whole language?

Yes! Now you can pick and choose Siri’s reading language, making her a multilingual marvel.

Q12: No more broken French apologies when talking to my grandma?

Precisely! Let Siri handle the language barrier while you focus on the feels (and maybe brush up on your own French skills).


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