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Friends, today we are going to talk about the very important updates to the iPhone, in which you will know which applications have been updated, which features have been added, and which features have been designed in the best way. How are the most important updates to iOS 17? Should I update or not?

So, friends, Apple has recently launched the new iOS 17, which has come to the market with some new major updates and features, so whether you should install it or not, I am going to tell you in this article. Well, friends, many users were waiting for this update because there were many bugs and issues in the previous iOS, due to which many people were waiting for its update.

How are the most important updates to iOS 17?

So finally, Apple has released the stable version of iOS. You can install the download on your phone. Before installing, you should know that you should actually install the update. Do you see anything new in this update?

How to the most important updates of iOS 17

What will be the size of iOS 17?

So first, let’s talk about the size of the update. The size of the update depends on which iOS version you are on right now. I updated both phones with iOS Zero Three, and the size of the update was around one and a half GB. If you have older versions, their size will increase even more. How to get the most important updates of iOS 17

So, I have already installed it. If I talk about storage, then everything depends. How much is your system’s data? If there is access, then sometimes it gets reduced. The remaining beans can also remain. It may also increase by 1GB or 2GB.

What are the new features in iOS 17?

Now let us talk about the new features that are available in this update.

1. Airdrop Over Internet

2. Flashlight Indicator

3. Reachability

4. Extend Wallpaper and Shuffle

5. What updates have come to the music application?

6. Bugs Fixes

7. Performance and Heating

8. Green Screen Issue

9. How is the battery life?

1. Airdrop Over Internet

Airdrop Over Internet

The first feature is drop-over Internet. Till now, AirDrop used to respond only over WiFi. Like you go out of range. This drop used to stop. So now, finally, Airdrop will use cellular data in case WiFi is not available. In that case, Airdrop drop can also be easily performed using cellular data. How to get the most important updates of iOS 17

2. Flashlight Indicator

Flashlight IndicatorThe next feature, which is very useful, is the Dynamic Island flashlight indicator. The phones that have Dynamic Island mean the iPhone Pro series tire, the iPhone 15th series. If the flashlight is working on your phone, the indicator will appear in the dynamic island here. You will know the basics.

Your flashlight is working because many times it happens that we do not even realize that the flashlight keeps going on. This is a very good thing. You can turn off the flashlight directly from here. In phones that have Dynamic Island, when we used the Reach Ability feature by swiping down, the upper area used to get kind of blurred. So due to this change, you will see Dynamic Island only at the bottom, whereas earlier it was visible in two places.

Make some additions to the new standby feature that was introduced in iOS. You can set targets for when to turn off the display. Meaning that automatically after twenty seconds or never sleep in case you use standby, this will prove to be a very good change. How to get the most important updates for iOS 17.

3. Reachability

ReachabilityWill detect automatically on the automatic option. When the iPhone is not in use or the room is dark, it will automatically turn off the display. N On the twenty-second option, it will automatically turn off the display after twenty seconds.

Now some people are facing problems due to the accidental press of the action button in the iPhone 15 Pro series. Meaning that if someone has customized the action button for things like camera, flashlight, etc. So, if the action button is pressed in this pocket or bag, then that thing will keep moving. Will drain the battery. So, after this update, if your phone is in your pocket or bag and you accidentally press the action button, the phone will automatically detect it through the proximity sensor.

Even if the button is pressed, some functionality will not work. Things like light, a camera, a flashlight, a voice memo, focus, magnifying and two others will still work. Which is the mute function and shortcut. How to get the most important updates for iOS 17.

4. Extend Wallpaper and Shuffle

Extend Wallpaper & ShuffleExtend Wallpaper & Shuffle Extend Wallpaper & Shuffle

There are some good changes in this, too. For example, if you are setting a wallpaper and you want the wallpaper to be set properly in one go,. Fits properly into the frame on the entire display. You have to click on the three dots below to extend the wallpaper.

After this, the wallpaper will automatically be set properly. Now, for those who use Photo Shuffle, it has made a big upgrade, whereas earlier it used to select automatically. Used to shuffle photos. Page down on People Pad and Nature, you now get an additional option of Album below it, in which you can select your specific album. This is a very good change. How to get the most important updates for iOS 17.

5. What updates have come to the music application?

What updates have come in the music application

Apart from this, many changes have also been made in the music application. You can add your favorite song, album, playlist artist and music to the library. The rest of the music recommendations, etc., have also been improved. Along with this, you can also add or remove any song from your favorites from the lock screen.

6. Bugs Fixes

There were many bugs running in earlier versions of iOS that were related to screen time settings. His syncing has improved. Earlier, people were complaining. It wasn’t syncing. Crash detection has been optimized. For the iPhone Fifteen series, now you get a new feature in all the models of the iPhone Fifteen. You can charge your phone up to 80%. If you feel that your phone is overheating or that you are in a hot environment,.

Some people were complaining about this feature. Even after selecting this, the phone was charging more than 80%. And we hope that the phone is charged only up to a percent; after turning it on, no such bugs occur. Now some people complained that screen-burning issues were being seen in fifteen iPhone models, especially in fifteen Pros, so basically it was not a screening burden issue but display image perception. The issue does not come on screen so soon. The iPhone 15th series has just arrived. It comes after a very long time.

Just as Tamo is available on phones in stores, there is no question of this thing coming here. It was a software-based thing. Apple has fixed this. Apart from this, Apple has fixed some other minor bugs. According to the testing done in the rest of France regarding the iPhone issues, the iPhone 12 was emitting more radiation.

Apple has also fixed that thing for the iPhone 12. Let’s see if further testing happens. What is the difference between the two values?

7. Performance and Heating

Performance & HeatingNext, let’s talk about performance and heating, which were the initial versions of iOS 17. The phones were getting heated. iOS 17.0.3 came out. After that, the heating was reduced to a great extent.

Even after installing iOS 17.0.3, you noticed that the phone was getting even less heat. The heating has been fixed a little further. Even I read some people’s comments. People are also facing less heating in iPhone 13 and 14. There is not much difference here in performance from the iPhone.

There is not much difference in end-use performance. The difference that comes comes in big updates. That too in the old iPhone is approximately from Fifteen to Sixteen and from Sixteen to Seventeen, so here things are almost the same.

8. Green Screen Issue

Green Screen IssueLet’s talk about the green screen issue. Apple has not said anything about this. I am continuously getting comments from people. These problems are still going on in their iPhone 13 Pro series. Now I don’t know why Apple is not addressing this thing or why they don’t want to highlight it. If he says so,. This is being fixed in a software update. This will give a direct indication. Was this a problem, or does Apple want to fix this thing secretly?

9. How is the battery life?

How is the battery lifeLet’s talk about battery life there. Again, battery life in iOS 17.0.3 was better than the earlier iOS 17 version. So, some time is needed to analyze the battery life. So, if you guys want me to bring a review video and article about iOS One after using it for a few days, then do let me know in the comment section. Till now, the battery life seems to be the same as before, but keep one thing in mind. After doing any updates, the battery performs slightly in neutral for a few days. There is more drain. We have talked about this before, too. Many settings, indexing—all this is going on internally in this phone.


Q. 1: Are iOS 17 bugs fixed?

Along with a host of awesome new iPhone features, iOS 17.1 addresses a number of bugs. One such fault was found by security researcher Tommy Mysk in iOS 17 and might result in your privacy settings changing.

Q.2: Can iOS 17 work on the iPhone 13?

However, the iOS 17 upgrade is compatible with the iPhone Xs, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 series.

Q.3: Will iOS 17 support the iPhone 13?

Regretfully, no. Some features require an iPhone 12 or later, while others call for one of the newest iPhone 15 models, the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro.

Q.4: Will the green screen issue go away after updating to iOS 17?

Apple has not said anything about this These problems are still going on in their iPhone 13 Pro series. This is being fixed in a software update Was this a problem, or does Apple want to fix this thing secretly?


Should you update?

Let’s finally talk about the studio update, although there was no need to talk about it so much. It was recommended in ninety percent of the cases. You guys, please update. It’s a good thing. But recording this green display issue makes it a bit difficult to say. Let me tell you in simple terms.

If there are no issues or bugs with your phone,. Your phone is working well. There is no need for any of the new features that have come. Then you can also skip this update. There is no problem. Especially, your phone is not covered by warranty. Wait for some time. Let’s see whether people are facing issues like green displays after this update or not.

By the way, those who have already updated must share their experience so that those who are thinking of updating can get a better idea. Your phone is new and under warranty. Then you can update it now. There is no problem. This is a good update. Whereas if you people are facing any bug or problem in its old version.

Then you must update. So how was the All About One update? If you like What are your thoughts with Pasanda in formative, then do like the video. New Noise on Channel to Subscribe This Channel Along with Pelican. See you in my next info mate videos till then take care.

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